Bill Press

Allen “Bill” Press was a long-standing member of Club 100, the Napa Century Peggers.

He passed away October 8th, 2017, the very day the North Bay Fires started.

-… always the “life of the party” with lips always moving!

–  His humor; his willingness to help others. A mentor and volunteer.

– He had a quick wit and a quicker tongue. I will miss him immensely.

-… never met a person who didn’t like Bill.

– I always enjoyed being next to him during tournament play – a chatter box yes, but funny

– He made us laugh, he cared for all of us, but mostly he was a great cribbage player always willing to help new players and experienced players alike.

-Always ready to do what needed doing.

In addition to his love of cribbage, Bill was a valued volunteer at the local Senior Center where he captained several bocce teams.

Always willing to coach, always anxious to improve, Bill was valued and loved by the bocce teams.

His jovial presence on the ‘green’ – even though it’s artificial green – will be missed by all in the bocce league.

Bill was also a long-time volunteer at the Napa Senior Center cribbage group that meets every Thursday afternoon to provide a safe and supportive place for Seniors who wish to learn or refresh their cribbage skills.

Bill was a great all-rounder and will be missed all around.